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"When you become a client of Colorado Commercial Companies (C3), we become your professional advocate.  We use our expansive network and broad resources to protect your interests.  Our goal is that every C3 client uses us repeatedly and refers us to others." 

Natasha Felten, Owner and Founder


The C3 Advantage - We help our clients successfully infiltrate the exclusive network of owners, brokers, and developers that control access to commercial property opportunities.

Colorado Commercial Companies [C3] provides services to landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, and investors. We provide leasing, purchasing, selling, and investing assistance to those seeking the best representation for their commercial real estate needs.

Our Promise to You:

• Our work will be exceptional

• We will outperform your expectations

• We will free your time, while we save you money

• We will do what our competition promises... but does not deliver

About C3



C3 emphasizes integrity and professionalism in all facets of its daily business routine.


C3 invests in cutting-edge technologies that enable efficient and creative solutions to client objectives.


C3 provides professional, high quality work product to its clients on time, all the time.


C3 is committed to community—within the firm and in the markets within which it works—we are diverse, engaged and invested in the success of our people and the communities we service.


"Colorado Commercial Companies provides professional, attentive, knowledgeable and creative marketing services to its clients. C3 has protected our ownership position by stabilizing tenancy in our building and maintaining high occupancy over time."

Clare Resnick, CFO

Warner Pacific Insurance

"Your keen perspective from the landlord's point of view and relentless attention to detail have made my job as a real estate investor and operator much easier."

Terrence Fitzpatrick, President

Circle Capital Partners

"Colorado Commercial Companies helped us track location options and supported me with reporting and information summaries that I could use in my discussions with other decision-making colleagues. Natasha's ability to anticipate challenges, and negotiate was an immeasurable asset to our transaction."

Del Cloninger, Vice President


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