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C3 provides commercial real estate services to Landlords, Tenants, Sellers, Buyers, and Investors.  We provide leasing, purchasing, selling and investing assistance to those seeking the best representation for their commercial real estate needs.


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Owner Objectives Drive the Process
We learn your investment strategy, then we negotiate leases that fit your unique objectives.

We Are An Extension of Your Team
C3 is easy to work with because we fully integrate with your team. “We become your boots on the ground.”

You Won’t Lease It If They Don’t Know About It
C3 delivers your message to the widest possible audience. We create interest in your properties through our innovative marketing.

C3 Facilitates Deal Making!
· We are present at every showing
· We return phone calls within 24 hours
· We provide requested proposals within 24 hours


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C3 Knows Space
C3 brokers know the inventory of available space. Our network of contacts supplements standard space databases.

C3 Understands How Your Business Plan Translates to Lease Terms
Once we find the right property for you, we work to structure a lease that achieves your goals and protects your flexibility.


C3 Knows Both Sides
Our brokers understand the objectives of both owners and tenants. Our decades of experience and perspective help us forge creative solutions to negotiating roadblocks. We anticipate challenges before they occur.


C3 Has Your Back

We provide you with tools to communicate progress to your colleagues, supervisors and stakeholders.


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C3 Uncovers Attractive Real Estate Acquisitions
Our expansive and diverse network helps us to help you pierce the veil of secrecy that limits access to lucrative commercial real estate investments.


C3 Creates the Perfect Strategy for Each Investment
For each acquisition, C3 authors a unique strategy for purchase, operation/management, value enhancement and disposition.


C3 Creates a Separate Investment Entity for Each Opportunity

We create a separate limited liability company for each investment. This structure allows our investors to own commercial property, while providing a separate, distinct legal entity for accounting and liability purposes.


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C3 Streamlines Decision Making

We have decades of experience analyzing market conditions, properties, leases and user space needs.  Put us to work to help you determine what you need.


C3 Provides Roadmaps for Success

We help formulate plans and execute tasks necessary to help you make the best decisions for your business. Our expertise includes:

- Lease Abstracting / Analysis

- Market Assessments / Broker Opinions of Value

- Workplace Strategy and Planning

- Multi-State Team Qualification / Assembly

- Process Timelines

- Multi-state travel allows us to enhance your reach by becoming your "outside-in-house" real estate manager

C3 Saves Time and Money

When you hire us as your consultant, we put structure to the complex process of determining how real estate enhances your operational success, before you begin the brokerage process.


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